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Transformative global health experiences


To offer medical students unique experiences that contribute to their knowledge and inform future career choices.


The Global Health Program aims to provide transformative global health education programming for medical students throughout their training.

We offer opportunities designed to meet the needs of diverse students, whether arriving at UCLA with a long history of global health experience, or seeking a first opportunity to engage in research or clinical training in a setting outside of the United States.

The successful practice of global health requires training across a range of disciplines; therefore, we seek to prepare students to acquire the clinical skills necessary to become outstanding physicians, while simultaneously building skills in areas that determine and define comprehensive health and wellness in a range of global settings.

"The Global Health Program has been the highlight of my time at UCLA. The incredible faculty are responsive, supportive, and always encouraging students to explore global health projects. My experiences with the Program have significantly helped to shape my path as a physician."
- John Nesemann, MD Student, C/O 2021

Our philosophy and approach

Our philosophy is to ensure that students have safe and successful global health educational experiences that contribute to their knowledge about health and inform future career choices.

We hope to inspire future leaders who will innovate and transform health in the most underserved communities, both locally and globally. Our program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to global health education, drawing from expertise within and outside of the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), and includes training in cultural ethics and humility, research ethics, social sciences, public health, and policy, among other disciplines.

We aim to embed our student programs within existing global partnerships, where UCLA is collaborating with local entities to strengthen health and health systems, with a focus on sustainability and equity.


Four global health platforms

We offer four platforms for medical students to explore global health at DGSOM.


Global Health Selective

Semester-long course to examine health and disease from a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspective.
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Global Short-Term Training Program

Funded global health opportunities for students to participate in mentored research projects.
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Global Health Clinical Electives

Opportunities for fourth-year students to experience how medicine is practiced abroad.
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Global Health Equity Pathway

Longitudinal commitment to health equity activities, locally and globally, throughout medical school.
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