Mentor Award Program


Supporting faculty in advancing mentorship

The David Geffen School of Medicine’s Global Health Program (GHP) is excited to offer funding for faculty who mentor first-year medical students on global health research projects through GHP’s Global Short-Term Training Program (GSTTP). We recognize that in order to create opportunities for students, mentors often use their own resources to support student projects (e.g., hiring local research assistants, providing translators, paying for in-country transportation, supplies, etc.). The goal of the mentor award is to offset these costs and assist mentors in providing students with high-quality global health research experiences.

Brief Description

GHP is very appreciative of the time and effort that global health mentors dedicate to our students, who benefit greatly from close mentor/mentee relationships and the experience of conducting global health research. Mentor awards are provided in the range of $1,500 — $2,000, and mentors are eligible to receive only one award. Successful applicants will receive a direct transfer of their award amount from GHP; it will be the responsibility of the awardee to ensure funds are transferred to the host country organization/partner, if applicable. 


Awards cannot be used to cover direct student costs (i.e. flights/travel, housing, meals, incidentals - when travel is possible), as these costs should be adequately covered by the funding the student receives from the Dean’s Office and GHP (students do not receive supplemental GHP funding when travel is not allowable due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Awards can, however, be used to offset some of the indirect costs of hosting a DGSOM student at a global site and/or facilitating a student's global project from here in LA. For example, to cover the costs of research assistants, translators, in-country transportation, or other costs that help advance the student’s research project. At the time of application, you will be asked to provide an estimated budget and justification to explain how these costs will support the student’s research project. The total amount of funding awarded will be contingent on several factors, including GHP’s budget for mentor awards, the number of mentor applicants, and the level of need (as expressed in the brief application). It is possible to receive an award for only part of your requested amount.


To qualify for this award, you must be full-time UCLA faculty member and be the primary mentor of a GSTTP student. Both UCLA and global site IRB approvals must be provided before funds will be released to the mentor. If IRB is not required, the mentor will need to provide an explanation for this in the application.


Awards are granted on a rolling basis. However, GSTTP is a summer program and we expect the expenditures to occur during the GSTTP time period. Awards cannot be transferred after June 15, 2021.

To Apply

Please review the eligibility requirements carefully and, if eligible, complete this Qualtrics form

If you have questions or concerns regarding parameters or eligibility, please email Rachel Abbott at