Global Health Selective


Multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to global health

Reducing disparities in access to quality healthcare requires a nuanced understanding of the increasingly complex social, political, and environmental determinants of health. By examining health and disease from an ethical, multi-disciplinary, and cross-cultural perspective, we aim to explore the underlying variables that shape health systems, the delivery of quality care, and variations in health equity.

The Global Health Selective (offered to first-year medical students) features UCLA faculty from diverse disciplines who speak to students on a range of global health topics, such as migrant health, maternal and child health, reproductive health, global surgery, infectious and non-communicable diseases in resource-limited settings, and policy strategies to help address global health challenges. During this course, students also have the opportunity to meet in small groups with global health faculty, who often serve as future mentors.

All students are welcome to attend any event in the Global Health Selective, regardless of enrollment status. In order to receive academic credit for the Selective, students are required to attend lunch lectures, small group lunch discussions with UCLA faculty, and evening activities. Exact requirements vary each year, but the approximate time commitment is 20-25 hours during the fall semester. Please note that the course is not offered during the spring semester.

Although this course is not a prerequisite in order to participate in the Global Short-Term Training Program (GSTTP), it is a great way to be introduced to potential research mentors.


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Designed for students at any level of global health experience.
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