UCLA medical students between their first and second years of study have the opportunity to work on a health research project in a low- or middle-income country. Students will be expected to find UCLA mentors doing global health research. You can learn about the global health work being done at DGSOM by using CWH’s EXPLORE database. The CWH faculty and staff are also available to help you identify mentors for the Short-Term Training Program in Global Health Research. For more information, please contact Traci Wells at twells@mednet.ucla.edu or Dr. Dan DeUgarte at ddeugarte@mednet.ucla.edu.
Past STTP (including STTP in Global Health) Research Projects

Should I apply to the Global STTP through this website?
Applications are available online and are generally due in mid January (see application for exact deadline) to allow extra time for appropriate approvals and planning abroad. Please verify that the application you are completing is updated for the current year.
Can I apply to the Global STTP even if I have never worked or traveled internationally before?
Yes! We do not require any international travel experience. We welcome all students.
Can I participate in the Global STTP even if I didn’t participate in the Global Health Selective?
Yes! The selective is a fantastic introduction to Global Health but it is not required for acceptance to the Global STTP experience.
I saw the Global Health STTP application on the website. Can I use this application for the current year?
The application available on the Center for World Health website may be from previous years. We post updated applications in the beginning of the academic year. Please check the date on the top of the application to confirm that you are completing the correct version of the application.
Where can I Do a Global STTP Research Elective?
Students can do research almost anywhere, as long as they find a UCLA faculty mentor and their project is approved. Students should seek UCLA mentors doing global health research. Please see our EXPLORE database for more information about current DGSOM research in global health. CWH faculty and staff are also available to help you identify mentors. All STTP in Global Health Research projects will need to be approved by Dr. Dan DeUgarte, the faculty director of the Short-Term Training Program in Global Health Research. If the country to which you plan to travel has a current State Department Travel Warning, then additional steps will need to be taken to insure student safety–please refer to the instructions for Countries with Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts.
What are the dates of the Global STTP electives?
Global STTP usually begins approximately one week after the last exam. Work is expected to be ongoing throughout the STTP period. Students typically spend 4-6 weeks in the country where they are completing the research.
How much does it cost to do the Global STTP?
A stipend is provided for the Global STTP. The travel stipend will not cover all expenses associated with this experience. Extra costs for travel preparation and elective-associated costs above the stipend will be your responsibility. The direct cost to any one student will vary by site and personal preferences regarding travel and accommodations.
What vaccines do I need for the Global STTP?
At least two to three months prior to your travel, you will need to be seen at a travel clinic. You may use a clinic of your choosing or seek care at UCLA from the UCLA Arthur Ashe Travel Clinic. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 310-825-4073. Additional information about country-specific medical precautions can be found on the CDC Travelers’ Health website.
Do I need to take anti-malaria medication?
Information about specific medical precautions can be found on the CDC Travelers’ Health website and through consultation with your travel medicine provider.
Can I take personal vacation before, during, or after my elective?
You may take personal vacation, but it cannot interfere with your Global STTP work. Personal vacation must be discussed and approved by your Global STTP Faculty Mentor prior to making travel arrangements.
Can I change my travel plans during my Global STTP?
In the event of a family, personal or medical emergency students may change their travel plans only after notifying their Global STTP Faculty Mentor. Students will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred (such as airline change fees, extra baggage costs, personal travel, etc).
Are these research electives available to non-UCLA medical students?
At present, we are only able to accommodate UCLA medical students between their first and second years for these research elective experiences.