The Global Health Selective is offered in the fall quarter, and is designed to provide first- and second-year UCLA medical students with an understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of global health issues. Gaining insight into the complex interplay of biological, social, cultural, environmental, economic, and political factors increases medical students’ awareness of these issues as they pursue their medical education, and ultimately practice within diverse populations. This selective is┬áco-sponsored by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

Leaders from diverse disciplines will speak to students on a variety of global health topics, such as maternal and child health, reproductive health, global surgical needs, food security, health and human rights, HIV, harm reduction, infectious and non-communicable diseases in resource-limited settings, and policy strategies to help address global health challenges. Students will have an opportunity to meet with and form meaningful relationships with global health faculty at UCLA. Furthermore, students will explore a specific global health issue through a focused final project. Questions about the Global Health Selective may be directed to Traci Wells, the Center for World Health’s Director of Education, at

Course Objectives

  • Understand the multidisciplinary nature of global health issues
  • Formulate ideas to address global health challenges
  • Understand the concerns and needs of medically underserved populations
  • Examine health and disease from a cross-cultural perspective
  • Recognize the challenges in conducting research in a resource-limited environment
  • Assume leadership roles in addressing global health issues as medical students and future physicians
  • Form relationships with UCLA global health faculty to allow for mentorship throughout your career

Student Requirements

A minimum attendance of 10 noon-time lectures (either Global Health Selective talks or CWH Speaker Series talks), two Evening Roundtable sessions, one film screening, and participation in a book club with global health faculty mentorship. Approximate time commitment is 20-30 hours during the fall semester. There are no requirements during the spring semester.

Selective Documents