There are three options for UCLA DGSOM medical students interested in pursuing a global health clinical elective in their senior year of medical school.

  1. Official clinical electives funded by the UCLA Center for World Health
    • Please refer to the Elective Site Descriptions, Application Resources, and FAQs below.

  2. Jamaica Elective
    • There is an opportunity to participate in a one-week clinical elective in Jamaica from April 20-27, 2019, under the supervision of Dr. Bruno Lewin. Please see course #FP253.05 in the elective catalog. There is also a possibility that students may be able to extend this elective to a 2-week rotation. This elective has a separate application process with an application deadline of October 15, 2018. Please note that this elective does include some financial support to defray travel expenses, and potentially full support for at least one student. Please email Dr. Lewin ( for more information about the experience, and note the separate application for this elective.

  3. Other clinical electives with DGSOM partner medical schools
    • Available in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
    • Note that these elective opportunities do not come with funding from the UCLA Center for World Health.
    • Should you have any additional questions regarding the international electives not funded by DGSOM, please send your inquiry to


The UCLA Center for World Health is pleased to offer official, funded clinical electives for a limited number of medical students. These electives are offered at eight sites in seven countries, each with a clearly defined set of goals and objectives and detailed curriculum. Please see below for the elective site descriptions and application materials.

Should I apply to the Global Health Clinical Electives through this website?
No. Applications for the Clinical Elective are distributed by email to fourth-year UCLA medical students in the fall of each year.
When and how do I apply for the Global Health Clinical Electives?
Applications are distributed by email to senior UCLA medical students in the fall for the electives that take place the following spring (late March-April). The application form may also be found above.
Where can I do a Global Health Clinical Elective?
Our sites vary from year to year. Please see the current list of elective sites above. Information on the current academic year’s sites will be released in the fall with the applications.
What are the dates of the Global Health Clinical Electives?
Global health electives offered through the UCLA Center for World Health are 3 weeks long, occurring in the spring. The electives generally begin in late March (after match day) and end in April, to ensure that students are back in time for graduation. Dates vary from year to year and depend on the needs at our partner sites. Dates are fixed by the program and cannot be altered. Please ensure your availability prior to submitting an application.
Can I do a Global Health Clinical Elective even if I have never worked or traveled internationally before?
Yes! We do not require any international travel experience. We welcome all students and feel both those with and without international experience will benefit from a global health elective.
How much does it cost to do a Global Health Clinical Elective?
A travel stipend is provided for the Global Health Clinical Elective. The stipend will not cover all expenses associated with this elective. Extra costs for travel preparation and elective-associated costs above the stipend will be your responsibility. The direct cost to any one student will vary by site and personal preferences regarding travel and accommodations.
Will I have time to travel and sightsee during my elective?
You may take personal vacation, but it cannot interfere with your clinical elective work. Personal vacation must be discussed with Center for World Health faculty prior to making travel arrangements.
What vaccines do I need?
At least two to three months prior to your travel, you will need to be seen at a travel clinic. You may use a clinic of your choosing or seek care at UCLA from the UCLA Arthur Ashe Travel Clinic. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 310-825-4073. Additional information about country-specific medical precautions can be found on the CDC Travelers’ Health Website:
Do I need to take malaria medication?
Information about specific medical precautions can be found on the CDC Travelers’ Health website and through consultation with your travel medicine provider.
How many faculty recommendation forms are required with my application?
We require 2 completed recommendation forms from UCLA faculty and one letter from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.
Are these clinical electives available to non-UCLA medical students?
At present, we are only able to accommodate UCLA fourth-year medical students for these clinical elective experiences.