The UCLA Center for World Health can accept in-kind donations, such as equipment, supplies, and services. These donations can play an important role in maximizing the impact of our work, particularly in resource-poor settings. In many cases, your generous in-kind gifts are tax deductable. For questions or more information on making an in-kind donation, please contact Greg Szekeres at or 310-825-1463.

Wish List

Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Vscan handheld ultrasound with dual probe
  • Pulse oximetry monitors
    • Consumable sensor attachments for infants and children
  • High-flow nasal cannula set-ups
    • Nasal cannula attachments
  • Portable x-ray machine for neonates
  • Pediatric magnetic resonance imaging machine
  • Digital thermometers
  • Infusion pumps
  • Infant warmers – radiant or incubators
  • Infection control supplies
    • Non-sterile and sterile gloves
    • N95 masks
    • Disposable procedure gowns
    • Alcohol wipes to clean equipment

Educational and Other Items

  • Laptop computers
  • Teaching microscopes with 2-3 heads
  • Teaching stethoscopes
  • Teleconferencing equipment to allow for remote consultations and education in Mozambique
  • Current medical/other health sciences textbooks and CD-ROMs
  • Rosetta Stone software (esp. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, Arabic)
  • Event hosting for educational and fundraising initiatives
  • Catering for CWH educational events
  • Photography for use on CWH website and promotional materials
  • Office supplies