Director, External Relations

Fedra Djourabchi is the Director of External Relations for the UCLA Center for World Health. She has over 20 years of global communication and business development experience, and her strength lies in developing strong channel networks. Her background includes global sales and marketing roles while consulting for companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 500 organizations, such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Fedra’s knowledge of several languages and the valuable experience acquired while living on various continents were all a great asset in facilitating contacts.

Fedra’s involvement with non-profits began 15 years ago when she was approached by the founder of VillageReach to work alongside him to develop a concept designed to find sustainable solutions to the logistical problem of vaccine delivery to the ‘last-mile’ remote villages of Mozambique with a pilot in Cabo Delgado. By establishing critical partnerships with organizations such as the Gates Foundation and gaining local government support, VillageReach was able to increase voluntary immunization rates of participating districts by up to 40 percent in its first year of operation.

Whether volunteering for health-related organizations such as the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and its Pacific AIDS Education Training arm, evaluating the HIV Care Continuum training modules, or the Mona Foundation where she assisted in communication processes between the management team and locally-operated education programs’ leads, these experiences would become the pivotal reason why Fedra looked into expanding her career horizons. Most recently, fueled by her passion around global health issues, Fedra obtained a Master of Science in Health Communication from Boston University and decided to pursue her lifelong dream of identifying and connecting with key stakeholders in the health arena and engaging them in planning and executing communication strategies that would promote optimal health outcomes in resource-challenged settings.