Devika Chandramohan is a first year student majoring in Psychobiology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is a recipient of the Regents Scholarship and is a member of UCLA’s competitive Indian classical dance team, Taara. She has a deeply rooted passion for medicine; she has always loved science and the idea of bringing that passion to a real human setting, not just a laboratory, intrigues her. Above all else, she loves medicine for its humanistic element- the bond between a doctor and patient that transcends medical needs and grants the doctor an intimate view of the unique story of the human she is treating. Her eventual goal is to become a physician and commit herself to working with underprivileged populations, especially in developing nations. Working at the Center for World Health provides her a medium through which to bring together her passions for writing and medicine to learn and communicate about the growing international community of medicine and public health while exploring the diverse components of global health.